Digital x-Ray

Radiography is one of our most valuable diagnostic imaging modalities. At Meadow Lane Equine Clinic we have a portable wireless digital radiography (x-ray) unit. This enables us to produce high quality, diagnostic radiographs on-farm in a matter of minutes. Osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis dessicans (OCD), and fractures are just a few of the boney abnormalities that can be detected using our digital x-ray. We often use our digital x-ray during lameness evaluations, prepurchase examinations, corrective farriery, and to screen for developmental abnormalities in young horses (OCD, etc.). Our portable equipment is able to take quality neck, back and skull radiographs on farm as well. Depending on where your horse is being imaged, your horse may require light standing sedation to ensure the radiographs are of diagnostic quality. Our registered veterinary technicians are trained in horse handling and radiology, so we can take x-rays on farm safely and effectively.