Preventative Care:

Wellness Programs & High Performance Exams

At Meadow Lane Equine Clinic we believe the key to optimizing your horse’s performance and longevity is preventative care. That’s why we offer wellness programs designed to meet the needs of both recreational and sport horses. Our wellness programs include regular dentistry, vaccinations, soundness evaluations, acupuncture, and manipulation therapy. By regularly monitoring your horse’s soundness, we can identify any subtle lameness that develops before it begins to impact your horse’s performance. We can then address the cause of the lameness, so your horse can return to work as quickly as possible. With fewer injuries and less lay-up time, your horse’s career will be longer, and his retirement years more comfortable. We also offer fecal analysis to determine the parasite burden of your horse and will develop a deworming program tailored to your horse’s needs. By maintaining your horse’s overall health, our goal is reduce the incidence of disease in your horse, and thereby reduce the overall cost of veterinary care in their lifetime.