Reproductive services


Meadow Lane Equine offers a complete range of mare and stallion services to fit the needs of the both commercial breeders and the individual hobbyist. All of our services are designed with flexibility in mind. Breeders can choose to have Meadow Lane handle all the details of their breeding program, utilizing the clinic as a referral center to perform the services that are not easily performed at home, or anywhere in between.


The mare reproductive management services include mares being bred by live-cover and artificial insemination via fresh semen, cooled-shipped, or frozen semen.

We are experienced and equipped to work with the problem or sub fertile mare and will design a treatment/management protocol that provides mare owners with the best chances to produce a live foal. As part of the assessment of these cases we can project the likelihood of success, approximate costs and, if necessary, suggest assisted reproductive techniques as possible alternatives to preserving a particular mare’s genetics. Although a significant percentage of mares that we see fall into this “problem” category the majority of the mares we work with have normal fertility. Once a pregnancy is achieved, the facility is equipped to assist owners through all phases of gestation.

Additional Services include:

  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Reproduction Evaluations

  • Breeding Soundness/Fertility Evaluations

  • Treatment of the Sub-Fertile Mare

  • Embryo Transfer

  • Embryo Vitrification

  • Fetal Sexing

  • Low Dose Insemination

  • Twin Reductions

  • Uterine Culture/ Biopsy/ cytology

  • Hysteroscopic examinations

  • Hormonal assays

  • Oocyte aspiration for transfer to an ICSI center

Embryo Transfer

The core of a successful embryo transfer program, is not only the breeding and flushing of donor mares but the selection and evaluation of appropriate recipient mares.  There is a tremendous amount of work and cost involved in acquiring, maintaining, and managing the reproductive status of recipient mares. Time is taken to specifically select suitable mares and daily reproductive evaluations are conducted to ensure the best synchronization to the donor mare for optimum chance of acceptance of the embryo.   Our success rate of Grade 1-2 embryos transferred is standing at 80% for a positive 14-day pregnancy check.

Embryo Vitrification (Freezing)

Our embryo vitrification program offers breeders the opportunity of freezing embryos from their donor mares for future transfers into recipient mares. Frozen embryos are an option for breeders who desire the flexibility to transfer earlier in the season, transfer to their own recipient mares at a future date, or to preserve embryos from ICSI procedures that result in multiple transferable embryos.


A full line of stallion reproductive services is available which allows owners to utilize their stallions in fresh, cooled/shipped, or frozen semen programs.

Semen Collection

Semen collections are performed in a breeding shed and all collections are performed following protocols that are designed with the goal of obtaining the highest quality ejaculate possible.  After the semen is collected it is immediately evaluated and processed for the desired purpose. Evaluations are performed using state of the art equipment and protocols in the industry. For example, sperm motility values are determined to produce accurate records of semen quality from each ejaculate processed. In addition sperm counts are performed with the use of a ChemoMetec Nucleocounter, which is recognized as the most accurate system for concentration and viability values in the industry.

Stallion Fertility Evaluation

This examination often referred to as a BSE (breeding soundness exam), has two purposes.  It is designed to predict potential fertility of a stallion.  This is important for new stallions entering a breeding program and is also valuable for stallions that are looking to significantly increase their book.  The other major purpose of a fertility evaluation is to diagnose fertility issues of stallions with existing problems.  Infertility can have various causes and can occur in stallions used for cooled shipped semen or live cover.  Often a diagnosis can lead to treatment or management changes which result in increased pregnancy rates.

Training of Breeding Stallions

Most commonly the stallions we see are new stallions with no previous sexual experience.  When starting a novice stallion, proper training is invaluable to ensure the stallion becomes an efficient safe breeding horse.   In general most stallions catch on within 2-3 sessions some are a little quicker while others take a little more time to train. It is necessary that before working with us your stallion is halter broke, and has good ground manners. He must be able to stand still when asked and back up when asked.

Cooled Semen Evaluation

An initial cooled semen evaluation is recommended for all stallions being offered for cooled shipped semen. This evaluation will determine if the stallion’s semen is of acceptable quality at 24 and 48 hours post collection. It will also determine which semen extender produces the best results for this particular stallion and if more extraordinary measures must be taken in processing this semen to enhance the fertility of that semen.  The information obtained in a cooled semen evaluation will provide both stallion and mare owners with the comfort of knowing that they should expect.

Shipped Semen Services

The cooled semen shipment program is designed to accommodate all stallion owners whether it be those with a heavy book and large volume of mares or a those with a smaller book and even those with the occasional mare. In addition we can communicate with the mare owner directly to arrange delivery and to collect payment making the management of the stallion’s season simpler.

Frozen Semen Services

We offer stallion owners a complete frozen semen program from collection and freezing, through storage, to final distribution. Upon arrival, stallions that are not currently on a regular collection/breeding schedule will require depletion collections to be performed prior to the test freeze. Once the stallion is properly prepared, the stallion is collected and a test freeze is performed utilizing several different freezing protocols. The protocols will then go through a thorough post thaw analysis to determine the best freezing protocol for the individual stallion. All freezes conducted by us are performed using computerized programmable cell freezers, which provide a level of quality and consistency that other methods such as vapor freezing cannot match.